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Updated: May 23, 2019

How I do what I do, and the services I offer at my clinic.

Enjoy a transcript of a recent presentation Heidi gave explaining the Body Positive Hypnosis Clinic:

I am a clinical hypnotherapist and strategic psychotherapist here at Body Positive Hypnosis. I'm really excited to be sharing with you just how my clinic works, and how I can meet the needs of my clients.

My name is Heidi Jane and I will be taking you all through the presentation this evening.

I am a clinical hypnotherapist and strategic psychotherapist here at Body Positive Hypnosis. I'm really excited to be sharing with you just how our clinic works, and how we can meet the needs of our clients. At Body Positive Hypnosis, we are very passionate about supporting people towards their best life.

So firstly, let's just go over the topics that were going to cover this evening.

So we’re going to be looking at therapeutic alliance and how important this is to client outcomes.

Next were going to be looking at clinical consultations, and exactly what that means, so how clinic works, and how we can best support our clients. And of course, a priority is supporting our clients to achieve better outcomes, and so I'm going to go over how I do that at Body Positive Hypnosis

Even though I am a highly qualified therapist, I also understand that I may not have all the skills required to support my clients with a particular issue such as, chiropractic, physiotherapy, a health check, or even nutrition.

By creating a network of supporters, I have a very strong referral network that I can access for my clients.

Obviously, confidentiality in any therapeutic environment is of the utmost importance, and so I am going to talk to you a little bit about what my confidentiality requirements are, and also the limitations.

I believe that everyone experiences challenges at some point in their lives. I'm going to explain to you, the specific ways in which I support my clients through their most difficult times.

I'm also going to be talking to you about support beyond the session, and yes that does mean asking some of you to do homework. But don't panic it’s nothing too strenuous.

The Therapeutic Alliance

So, let's look at the therapeutic alliance, and how we're working together to achieve outcomes. You as the client, are the most important part of our practice, and of course I welcome enquiries from all walks of life, cultures and genders. I pride myself on holding a non-judgmental, accepting and open space within my clinic.

This provides an environment of inclusion, acceptance, and comfort, and my aim is to meet you exactly where you are, and then steadily guide you forward. Because, I know that how you come to the clinic is not necessarily who you are.

I truly believe at Body Positive Hypnosis, that all issues my clients have, are simply a skills gap. So the way that I work to support my clients, is to know the bridge we need to build, in order to address the skills gap, and so you feel empowered and capable when you step outside my door.

I am highly trained by the leading Hypnotherapy Institute in Australia, and I am fully qualified, fully insured, and deliver quality therapeutic sessions, and outcomes, to each and every client that I welcome through my door.

My specialties and particular areas of interest, are varied and so this ensures that my clients will find their perfect therapeutic fit at Body Positive Hypnosis. Some of my specialties include body positivity, poor body image, and low-self-confidence, chronic weight issues, dealing with phobias, addictions, health issues, relationship challenges, career, weight loss, anxiety, and any other undesirable behaviour or challenge you the client might be facing.

I have also developed a strategic approach to 'Hypno Gastric-Band Surgery' and offer 'Body Positive' Packages.

The therapeutic relationship is one of the most important aspects of therapy, and I realise my client is not there to be fixed, but rather to work alongside me as their therapist, moving towards long term healing.

I strongly encourage my clients to take responsibility for themselves and their lives, with my support. This is provided through what they learn during their time in hypnosis, and the aspects of applied strategic psychotherapy, which is what I use to produce breakthroughs concerning your issues.

Clinical Consultations

Now let's look at the clinical consultations, or the therapy.

At my clinic, it’s a priority to make you, the client feel safe and supported, and to provide you with a professional, yet nurturing space. My rooms are customised to the trance experience so you can fully engage in hypnosis, easily and comfortably. My clients often remark upon the ambience, and they feel that when they step through the doors, they leave the outside world behind.

At Body Positive Hypnosis, clinical boundaries are of the utmost importance. My client/therapist relationships are always maintained at a highly professional level. I respect your privacy and autonomy outside the therapeutic environment, and understand that you as the client are always in control, and that you always get to choose.

This helps to continue to build a therapeutic alliance, so rather than my telling you what to do, giving you the magic bullet, or fixing you, I respect each individual has free will and choice in their own healing process.

As the principal therapist, I have a high level of qualification and experience, and am a Professional Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) , and an Executive Member and Platinum Training Provider with the International Institue For Complementary Therapists (IICT), ensuring a high standard of quality practice. I have worked therapeutically with clients since 2000. As a clinical hypnotherapist and strategic psychotherapist I have accredited qualifications, and undergo regular supervision and continued education, as requirements of my insurance, and association membership.

The Client's Needs

Now let's look at how Body Positive Hypnosis, addresses the client needs in terms of cultural, individual, and special.

Individuality, as previously mentioned, is recognised and appreciated in my clinic. I don't just see you as a number or another client. I see you as a unique human being, who comes with your own particular history, challenges and requirements.

By creating individualised treatment plans for each and every session, I am able to pinpoint and focus my transformational, cutting-edge, modern, and leading style of clinical hypnotherapy, and strategic psychotherapy, to directly target my client’s presenting issues.

This gives my clients, around about a 90% success rate, compared to the more traditional, script reading style of hypnosis, which only delivers approximately 30% success.

I am identity conscious, so no matter who or how you identify as a person, you have a place in my clinic. I pride myself on openness, acceptance, and providing an equal, safe space for all.

Open and Honest Communication

Open communication is the way that we achieve better outcomes. This includes effective communication as a priority, and regardless of whether you receive an email, phone call, or during the session itself, I aim to get my message across clearly and succinctly. I think we would all agree that we just need to look at social media, and the misinterpreted tone of text messages, to understand just how easy it is to have ineffective communication styles, which lead to all kinds of issues, upsets and misunderstandings.

I realise at the clinic, that I don't operate inside a vacuum, and so I am always looking at ways that I can do better.

I am very open to my client's helpful and constructive feedback and suggestions, which enables me to do my job better, support my clients more effectively, and to make the experience of visiting my clinic an overall positive one.

As I've mentioned, I believe clear communication, is the key to having everyone’s needs met appropriately, and effectively.

A Network of Support

So now let's look at, a network of support or as I like to call it, strength in numbers. My therapeutic network, contains highly qualified, and vetted allied health professionals.

If there is a need that you have as a client that I am not able to support through my work at Body Positive Hypnosis, I will find someone who can.

I work with other qualified allied health professionals, and I am more than happy to refer you within my established network, as required. This way, you have the best chance, of attaining your short and long-term health, and well-being goals.

My allied health network includes nutritionists, physiotherapist, chiropractors, registered psychologists, naturopaths, and general practitioners. So all this to say, I have you covered.


The next topic I’m going to discuss, is confidentiality, its requirements and also its limitations.

At Body Positive Hypnosis, all personal and health information that is disclosed before, during, and after your session will remain strictly confidential, with me, your therapist, and only me.

The exception to this is the use of your personal contact information, which will be accessible to administration, for the purposes of communication, scheduling, booking your appointments, and taking payment. Otherwise, whatever you disclose in the session is between you and me, and your records and information, are all kept in a locked cupboard, or separately on a secured hard drive.

Now let's talk about the limitations to confidentiality. As I am a mandated reporter, I am required by law, to disclose your confidential information to the authorities, but only under the following circumstances:

· If a client is assessed to be a high risk to themselves, in terms of self-harm or a suicide risk.

· If a client is assessed to be a high risk to others.

· If a client discloses that they have committed, or intend to commit, a serious crime that would require five years or more jail time.

Only under these very specific circumstances, is your client confidential information ever shared. This keeps all of our community safe, and my client’s therapy private.

Therapeutic Support

During therapy, challenges and difficulties can arise, outside of the therapeutic environment. At Body Positive Hypnosis I see all challenges as a pathway, to bridge my clients experiential or skills gap.

I understand that sometimes during the healing process, clients are triggered, and can have undesirable thoughts, and feelings. I specialise in being able to support my clients through these difficult times, providing them with strategies, skills, and tools they can use for the rest of their lives.

I provide powerful support, and I do that with clear, honest communication, and the implementation of firm therapeutic boundaries. I utilise counselling skills, and am also trained in the concepts of Positive Psychology, Strategic Psychotherapy, Emotional Intelligence and motivational interviewing. I am also a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), which positions me as a powerful support system to my clients.

At Body Positive Hypnosis, support goes beyond the session. Milton Erickson, often regarded as the father of modern hypnosis, loved to use a certain phrase when he worked with his clients. During the hypnotic process, he would often say, ‘my voice will go with you’. I love that concept, that not only am I guiding the hypnotic experience, but that my voice will go with my client outside of the session.

After Session Tasking

Yes you can see on the slide, the word homework, but don't panic. As I've indicated before at Body Positive Hypnosis, I work as a therapeutic alliance with my clients, and as the client and therapist work together to achieve the optimal outcomes, tasking and home work, specifically created to support the therapeutic intervention within the hypnosis session itself, is a very important part of the overall therapy.

Research, in fact, shows the clients who do their after session tasking, have a much higher success rate than those who just show up to be ‘fixed’. I like to say, ‘You are the captain of your ship. I am simply the navigator. So you always have control of the helm. You always get to choose.’ This statement highlights how I approach all therapeutic work, as a team, as a partnership, and ultimately it’s up to you the client, to determine your own choices, and the outcomes and successes you can achieve in your life.

Thank you so much for coming to this evening's presentation.

I trust that you have a better understanding of who I am, how I work, and what I have to offer individual clients, and the wider community.

Working With Heidi

So how can you work with me? Let's discuss the next steps.

So the first way is to contact me, and book in your free 20 minute trial. I offer the initial consultation, with the first 20 minutes free. This way you can meet me, get an idea of what will be worked on within your clinical hypnotherapy session, and to understand the process that I follow towards getting you the outcome you desire.

I do ask that you pay a small deposit of $85, when you make your initial booking, which if for any reason, you or I don't feel that we are a therapeutic fit, you will get your deposit back.

Feel free to visit our website to read blogs, access videos, and read our therapist's bios.

Because we live in the modern world, you can also book online using our scheduling app, or do it the old-fashioned way, by picking up the phone and giving me a call.

Also feel free to email me, with any questions or queries that you may have, and I or one of me team, will happily get back to you as soon as we can.

Once again, thank you for attending this presentation to learn more about me and Body Positive Hypnosis, and I really look forward to helping you achieve your therapy goals.

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