Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

'High sensitivity' occurs in around 20% of the population, according to the research done by Dr. Elaine Aron. At Body Positive You, we know it's not just all in your head, and that there's nothing wrong with you. You were just born different to other non-sensitive folk. We get that being 'highly sensitive' doesn't come with a manual, and it's not taught in school (although it should be). That's where Heidi can help. 


The Boot Camp for Empaths and HSP is your first stop in discovering your true sensitive nature. Then you can move onto gaining self mastery in the Empaths Self Mastery Program. Body Positive has advanced information, experience, and compassionate support to help you every step of the way to unfolding your unique and beautiful abilities and skills. This is offered as a fully online course, face to face, or live via Zoom. The time is now!


Empaths are like 'Highly Sensitive People' but different. Empaths have a set of what is called 'super traits', along with all the other heightened processing of information and external stimuli, intrinsic to a HSP. This can add an extra load, leaving Empaths exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling close to burn out. Heidi is a natural born Intuitive Empath, who can support you on your journey, with practical tools and advice, to have you shining like a diamond in no time.


Liberate yourself from over-sensitivity and embrace your high sensitivity! Heidi has sessions to support you, from Hypnosis, to Eating Psychology Coaching to address food addictions, to Empath Wellness Coaching sessions we have you covered.

Complementary Medicine Practitioner

Intuitive Expert

Wellness Coach

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Strategic Psychotherapist

Advanced Energy Healer

Colon Hydrotherapist (Woods Gravity Fed)

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